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TUNeIT. Tunisi – Sicilia: al via la competizione per il ponte più lungo del mondo

16 Settembre 2017

Fonte: Prof. Enzo Siviero  















International Competition

for the Design of an Artificial Island to the broads of ElHaouaria – Cap Bon Tunisie


The EAMC (Engineering Association for Mediterranean Countries) and the OIT (Ordre des ingénieurs tunisiens) with the aim of promoting and reinforcing the culture of exchange and partnership among the Mediterranean countries at the cultural, professional, academic, social and economic level launch the « TUNeIT project».

The project has joined ENAU, ENSIT and ENIM and the Italian Universities eCampus, Roma « Sapienza »… and other welcome partners.

The « TUNeIT » project, proposed by EAMC, is a connection system including artificial islands, bridges and submarine tunnels joining Africa and Europe via the Cap Bon, Sicily and the Strait of Messina.

The project is also a vector of scientific and cultural exchanges between professionals, academics and students from both shores of the Mediterranean. The project involves the construction of some artificial islands in the Mediterranean that can be also used for many pourposes.

In this context, the above-mentioned partners are organizing a competition of ideas for the design of an artificial island out of the shore of El Haouaria Cap BonTunisie. The present competition is of course just the first step of the the path.

This competition is open to students from Schools of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Energy and Electrical Engineering.

The following three components are proposed in the competition:

• A lot Architecture and Urbanism

• One Civil Engineering lot

• A renewable energy batch

Each candidate or group of candidates will participate in one of the components of the competition in accordance with their profile.

This competition program is open to students and graduates from all over the world. Young graduates must be up to 30 years of age in December 2017.

         Steering committee


·         EAMC (Engineering Association for Méditerranéen Countries)

·         OIT (Ordre des ingénieurs tunisiens)

·         RMEI

·         ENSIT

·         ENAU (Ecole Nationale d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme)

·         ENIM

·         ISTLS

·         university of Roma Sapienza,

·         university eCampus,

·         GAMe

·         Vision and Global Trend

·         Premio Europeo Capo Circeo

·         Odimed

·         Hub SiciliaInternazionale

·         PAM

·         CUM

·         Fondazione Craxi

·         Consorzio SCIR


Key dates

19 September 2017 Announcement and launch of the contest
15 January 2018 Deadline for submission of projects
of 11 the 16 February 2018 Deliberations of the Juries
26 February 2018 Announcement of results
March 2018 Exhibition of projects and spring school in Italy.





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