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Un fotoreporter, un nome. Piero Oliosi

09 Novembre 2013

Piero Oliosi, fotoreporter







Piero Oliosi photos

over 2 million photos for media and advertising

Piero Oliosi
September 24, 2004
Since many years in the photojournalism field, on assignment for many Italian and international magazines. Illustrated books, advertising, encyclopaedias, CDs, album covers, calendars. Edited magazines. Photo exhibits. Tv interviews and documentaries. Witness of major news and historic events. Followed Pope JPII around the world. Covered wars, revolutions and five U.S. Presidential conventions.
Honorary U.S.A. citizen.
More than 2.000.000 photos.  Thousands portraits of famous people. Hours of video recording.  Any kind of images and  stories from all over the world for media, advertising, the web and books.
Distributed worldwide by PolarisImages/NY
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Piero Oliosi photos
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